In conversation with Sandrine Monin: Kirke

Published: 25 Sep 2018

We recently spoke with Phoenix Dance Theatre Company Dancer, Sandrine Monin. She is currently working on a new piece titled Kirke. The first UK preview of Kirke will take place at Phoenix at Home from 18 – 20 October.

Hi Sandrine. It is great to have you here today. Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Sure! My name is Sandrine Monin. I’ve been a company dancer at Phoenix Dance Theatre for the last six years and I recently travelled to Bern, Switzerland to complete a research and development project with the company to create a new piece titled Kirke.

What inspired you to create kirke?

The idea of Kirke comes from composer Roberto Rusconi. I worked with him previously on my piece Calyx. I was straight away really inspired from what he told me. First of all, it is a narrative and I was interested to tackle a narrative piece, because I have never done this before. Therefore, it was a great challenge for me creatively.

Can you tell us more about Kirke’s story and her character?

Kirke is a really interesting character. Firstly, she is a powerful witch – the witch of the metamorphosis – and she is strongly connected to the earth and to nature. For example, she uses herbs to make her spells. Kirke is a very very complex women, and I believe this is what makes her really rateable. She has been through a lot during her life. She’s been mistreated by her family, exiled on an island because of her power, she has been abused by men… So, she has learnt to stand up for herself. Through the piece we see her grow. She is not only this revengeful woman we see at the beginning, she learns to care, she learns to love, and she trusts.

If you were asked to describe your piece in three words, which would you choose?

If I had to describe Kirke in three words, I would choose mythical, powerful and feminine.

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