Yorkshire Youth Dance Platform 2022

Running Order

Look Inside: Phoenix Youth Academy York
The Burn: CAPA Junior
Wicked Game: Titus Salt Dance Company
Silent Chaos: Ella Atkinson (Phoenix Youth Academy Senior)
Reach Out: ND Dance Academy
My Body. Your Body: Phoenix Youth Academy Doncaster
You can run but can’t hide: Ashur Cali (Phoenix Youth Academy Senior)
Outset: CHARGE Boys
Dancing Path: Phoenix Youth Academy North East

15 Minute Interval

Our Future: Ethereal
Hoods: Kick Off Boys
Patience: Bobbi Walker (Phoenix Youth Academy Senior)
Moomba: Union of Dance Youth
Self-Discovery: Ava Williams (Phoenix Youth Academy Senior)
All For Us: CMCS Elite
Ghost: Charlie Grant (Phoenix Youth Academy Senior)
Correlated Members: Phoenix Youth Academy Juniors


Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Access and Education department aims to empower, engage and inspire through high-quality dance provision, focusing on three key strands: training dancers of the future, children and young people and the hard to reach. Our company is committed to changing lives through dance. 

A message from Vicci Hamilton, Access and Education Manager: “The Phoenix Dance Theatre team are excited to welcome audience members to the Yorkshire Youth Dance Platform 2022 event. This evening you will see a snapshot of some of the talented and creative groups that we have in the Yorkshire region. Thank you for showing your support this evening, I hope you enjoy the show.”

Look Inside
Phoenix Youth Academy York
Antonio Borriello
The choreography explores one of many possible emotional journeys of discovering and dealing with a life-changing event. A battle with its up and downs, moments of strengths and weakness. In this journey, other warriors are met, experiences and emotions are shared, connections are made and cherished.
Dancers: Abigail Robertson, Evie-May Haga, George Imerlishvili, Hannah Bentley, Isla McDaid, Jack Hambleton, Kacey Reynolds, Shona Philpott

The Burn
CAPA Juniors
Joe Timpson
This is a visual representation of the effects of forest fires on the environment and wildlife as a result of climate change. CAPA Juniors is an enhanced Performing Arts pathway within Trinity Academy Cathedral in Wakefield. The students have a love and passion for Dance and the Performing Arts and we aim to inspire and provide all students with a range of opportunities to gain and develop skills from industry professionals.
Dancers: A’Vaye Stewart-Paton, Amy Cowling, Ava Tait, Bethany Dicken, Elizabeth Duce, Ellie Mae Moorby, Katie Brook, Isabelle Mcilroy, Megan Finan, Mya Parish, Paige Griffiths

Wicked Game
Titus Salt Dance Company
S. Robinson-Marsh and Company
An ensemble piece that explores the theme of a toxic relationship, highlighting the strength that can be found in our darkest moments. Titus Salt Dance Company train once a week and are an inclusive dance group, ranging from different ages, backgrounds and dance experience.
Dancers: Ashleigh Buchan, Caitlin Arkell, Daniel R Roberts, Elaine Agbodo, Ffion Bloor, Katie James, Megan Sorge, Molly Shoesmith, Nia Hughes, Olivia Holdgate, Tili-Etta Fawcett

Silent Chaos
Phoenix Youth Academy Senior
Ella Atkinson
Making peace with the demons within and turning down the volume on the internalised critical narrative. Moving past negative emotions such as envy and fear and moving towards self acceptance and tranquillity.
Dancer: Ella Atkinson

Reach Out
ND Dance Academy
Natasha Graves 
It was decided to choreograph around the idea of uncertainty in the world, who we can reach out to in times of need. We show this in grounded movement and also pulling each group into each other. Our faith in humanity recreates our passion of dance with the love between one and another.
Dancers: Beth Shoesmith, Chloe Mcoy, Elana Brooksbank, Georgia Firth, Isabelle Lupton, Isabelle Pullan, Jollie-Mae Sykes, Kiera Hendy, Leah Wiseman, Lysia Hendy, Megan Zina, Olivia Lupton, Rose Sutton, Summa McCarthy
Thank you to my amazing group of girls for working so hard for me to create this amazing piece “ND Family”

My Body. Your Body
Phoenix Youth Academy Doncaster
Tara Baker
The Group have focused on the biological effect the virus can have on the body. Looking at how it attacks the cells and how modern medicine can protect and support people living with the condition.
Dancers: Cady Jines, Grace Sanderson, Keira Tombs, Lily Knott, Miliie Reeve,  Summer Sutton

You can run but can’t hide
Phoenix Youth Academy Senior
Ashur Cali
You can run but you can’t hide.
Dancer: Ashur Cali

Tom Tindall, Michael Marquez and Sean Selby
Outset is a physical yet graceful piece which explores the optimistic perspective of our future. At times we encounter challenges, however these can be fought against and overcome. CHARGE Boys is CAPA College’s innovative scheme for boys aged 11-16 from across Yorkshire and beyond. It offers first-class training to enthusiastic and talented young people to help them develop their performance ability, build confidence and learn transferable skills in a fun, creative and enjoyable environment. Through workshops, rehearsals and technical tuition, young performers will work with a leading, all-male, professional dance teaching team and guest choreographers to work towards a spectacular end of year performance.
Dancers: Alexander Malcom, Charlie Topham, Felix Yates, George Dovey, Harvey Dowling, James Argyle, Khaleil Fell, Matthew Houston, Milo Limbert Holt, Olivia Leach, Thomas Ellis, Zac Worstenholme
Thanks to CAPA College

Dancing Path
Phoenix Youth Academy North East
Carlos Martinez
The Phoenix Youth Academy North East began its activities in January 2017 as a partnership between Phoenix Dance Theatre and Gateway Studio Project (now Gateway Studio CIO). Based in Gateshead and sometimes Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, the Phoenix Academy North East was the first regional Phoenix Dance Youth Academy.
Dancers: Lola McLean, April Faldon, Grace Delstanche, Louis Delstanche, Maddison French, Delphine Glassey, Lenja Clark, Millie Hudson, Jessica Middlemiss, Daisy Burden, Pearl Akporehwe
Thanks to Arts Council England, The National Heritage Lottery Fund, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, CDM Recruitment and Peter Huggins MBE

15 Minute Interval

Our Future
Lydia Herbert
This piece is about being optimistic towards the future despite feeling constantly set back. Regardless of how much is thrown towards us, we are hopeful and optimistic about what is yet to come. We are actors, dancers and musical theatre students and this is our future.
Dancers: Amelia Cliffe, Ella Haley, Faye Warburton, Holly Wallbank, Joanne Foster, Katie Bunn, Kennady Pickles, Lucie Dickinson, Michaela Dawson, Natalia Castro

Kick Off Boys
: Mason Jubb
Kick Off Boys Youth Dance Project meet once a week where they get together and share their passion for dance. Hoods is a piece that was created through the use of the boys’ own perspectives and stories when exploring what is to be a young man in todays society. Youth culture, gang violence, knife crime and county lines were just some of the issues explored throughout the process. The piece is both physical and thought-provoking.
Dancers: Asher Singer-Rosenstein, Denis Horodnic, Fynlay Jubb, Gabriel Foody, Jay McManus, Nathaniel Morrison, Preston Green, Samuel Lawrence, Woody McCann

Phoenix Youth Academy Senior
Bobbi Walker
This music has always made me want to dance and inspired me to move, therefore the choreography process for this piece was largely improvisation based. I have tried to incorporate the different elements and layers to the music within the movement, as well as interpreting the accents to the music in different ways.
Dancer: Bobbi Walker

Union of Dance Youth
Ruth Johnson, alongside the dancers
Moomba is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘Let’s get together and have some fun’. A carnival of personality, exploring how being part of a group should not oppress or feel like ‘fitting in’ but should celebrate individualism. Strength in unity. A safe, positive place to be yourself. The best kind of group to be part of. Union of Dance Youth is for 11-16 year olds living in Wharfdale and North Yorkshire, who have a passion for creating and performing dance work. We seek exciting and enriching performance opportunities that help our dancers grow and flourish. We value everyone’s creative ideas and celebrate unique movement style. We encourage older members to gain skills as artists, through teaching and choreographing. Our ambassador scheme helps develop our youth dancers whilst inspiring and guiding younger people.
Dancers: Eleanor White, Eve Waddington, Gracie Long, Martha Clarke, Olivia Timothy, Polly Mills, Poppy Johnson
With thanks to Yorkshire Dance for your support.

Phoenix Youth Academy Senior
Ava Williams
Life tests your capabilities of being able to deal with it. We may be haunted by daily troubles and challenges, which seem to constantly drag us down. But we can re-emerge stronger than before, wiser than yesterday and accepting of the past, to be proud of our resilience.
Dancer: Ava Williams

All For Us
CMCS Elite
H Shipman and the dancers
A fusion of contemporary and hip-hop dance, exploring rhythmic patterns both musically and collectively as a group.
Dancers: Amber Trowsdale, Estelle Williams, Francesca Hird, Grace Wong, Isabella Shortland, Linh Luu, Lizzie Thomas, Maks Wlodek, Precious Echendu, Serena Ioannidis, Sophia Bella Figueira, Stephanie Hird

Phoenix Youth Academy Senior
Charlie Grant
This solo is about a person’s grief when they lose someone close to them, as if everything starts to slow down in time and they feel they can’t carry on without the person they have lost.
Dancer: Charlie Grant

Correlated Members
Phoenix Youth Academy Juniors
Mayowa Ogunnaike
Through a series of undulations a collection of individuals gather together to fulfil one shared vision and function. Together they communicate, protect and defend. A system – a unitary whole.
Dancers: Abigail Ellis, Amber Trowsdale, Amelia Hudson, Anja De Bruin, Caitlin Duggan, Chelsea Ndomeni, Deanna Gore, Eleanor Cooper, Ella Braithwaite, Ella Watson, Eve Tinsley, Francesca Bridge-Zakers, Fue Akama, Isabella Shortland, Jennie Turner-Yeaman, Maksymilian Wlodek, Morgan Farquharson, Muia Lusardi

End of Performance


Access and Education Team

Vicci Hamilton: Access and Education Manager
Kendall Mackenzie: Access and Education Coordinator
Antonio Borriello: Phoenix Youth Academy Coordinator
Jennifer Ruiz: Access and Education Officer
Rachel Thomson: Access and Education Officer
Eve Dobel: Administration Assistant
Tatiana Vieira: Administrative Assistant

We would like to thank all the young participants, their parents/carers, the group leaders and chaperones, as well as the amazing practitioners for their hard work and commitment leading to this evening’s performance. It has been a pleasure working with you all.

We extend our thanks and appreciation to our funders, Arts Council England, Leeds City Council, Leverhulme Trust and the Ellerman Foundation for their continued support.