Latest ‘Requiem’ images released

1 Jun 2023

We want to give all 16 of Phoenix and Jazzart Dance Theatre’s dancers the opportunity to shine. Therefore, the cast for Requiem is alternating throughout the run with an interchanging 5:4 split, captured here in the latest stunning production images by Tristram Kenton.

Phoenix works each day to be a force for change and is audacious in its efforts to create opportunities in contemporary dance, both on and off stage. As the company’s first large scale international collaboration it is important for us to give our guest artists from Jazzart Dance Theatre the opportunity to share this platform equally – many of whom who have not previously had the chance to perform in an international stage.

The second part of the double-bill – After Tears: After a Requiem – is performed by the full cast of dancers from both companies. Check out images from that as well as more Requiem images HERE!