Phoenix on fire with flaming hot reviews from the 40 years tour

7 Apr 2022

40 Years of Phoenix: Read all about it… 

We’re over halfway through our current tour, ‘40 Years of Phoenix’, which celebrates our first four decades of dance.  It’s been a pleasure visiting venues all across the UK, from Leeds to Malvern, Leicester, Birmingham, Exeter, and London!   

Our final leg of the tour sees us return to Yorkshire – Huddersfield (7 April), Doncaster (21 April), Barnsley (28 April) – before heading to Newcastle (20 May) for our final performance. Book your tickets for the upcoming performances. 

We have loved being back on the road and doing what we love most – sharing our incredible dance with an incredible audience! 

We’re delighted to share with you some of our top reviews from tour so far… 

5*****  “Here’s a sampler box in which every selection is simply delicious … a programme that displays all the extraordinary artistry of the company. … With this exquisite evening, Phoenix Dance Theatre certainly whets the appetite for another 40 years of its variety and virtuosity.”  London Living Large 

4**** “an exhilarating birthday party… [‘Heart of Chaos’] is by turns visceral, sultry and tormented, all embodied in Aaron Chaplin’s powerful and charismatic lead performance.”  The Times 

“An evening of British contemporary dance at its best.”  Seeing Dance 

“Tender and tense performances … Jane Dudley’s ‘Harmonica Breakdown’ is a three-minute gem … a brief but heavy howl of a woman challenged by circumstance: proud, pained, determined, Yuma Sylla dancing with great purpose …  Here’s to 40 more years.”  The Guardian 

“Phoenix Dance Theatre’s 40th-anniversary programme makes it clear the Leeds-based company has much to celebrate … the company’s strong technique, artistry and rich, trailblazing history ultimately shine through”  The Stage 

“This is a varied, energised selection of works embracing a range of styles and histories, danced with commitment by this talented and flexible troupe. In ‘Signal’, flames rise from the fire-pits lined up along the back of the stage—an apt image for a phoenix continuing to rise and reinvent itself, ushering in new talent while honouring the past.”  British Theatre Guide 

“It has had 40 years of success because it has continually reinvented itself, never standing still, always moving.”  Yorkshire Times 

5***** “Varied, enigmatic and breath-taking, this selection of works from ‘40 Years of Phoenix’, danced with commitment by this talented, skilled, and flexible troupe, beautifully highlights the reason why this company are elite in their field and deserve to be celebrated.”  Fairy Powered Productions

“Entertainment. Emotion. Education. … every single performance moved me. … I’ve never felt this way through watching a dance performance and it was powerful … Phoenix so beautifully encapsulates diversity and the spirit of multiculturalism.”  Lavania Oluban, The Amazing Adventures of Me 

“This is a must-see show for anyone interested in contemporary dance and I am sure that Phoenix Dance Theatre will gain even more fans and followers. Here’s to the next forty years!”  NUMBER 9 

4****“An absorbing, involving, thought-provoking evening.”  The Reviews Hub   

“A joyous celebration … A fine evening of varied dance and I look forward to future anniversaries of this dynamic and innovative company”  CriticalDance