Kennedy Junior Muntanga

Guest Dancer

About Kennedy:

Kennedy Junior Muntanga is a movement artist originally born and raised in Ndola, Zambia but has lived and trained in Leeds & London (UK). Kennedy’s passion for movement comes from the wholesome relationship between dance and culture. From the age of 12, the importance of dance was already embedded into his African heritage and now age 21 he has furthered that to graduate in Ballet and Contemporary Dance at the Rambert School in July 2019. So far Kennedy has worked for Company’s such as Phoenix Dance Theatre, Humanhood, Robert Cohan, Michael Keegan-Dolan, Alesandra Seutin & Raman Schlemmer. He enjoys jazz music, blending of cultures and choreographing in which he hopes to explore further in the future.

Kennedy joins the Company during its Autumn Tour performing in Left Unseen.