Yasmina Patel

Company Dancer

Born in the UK, Yasmina moved over to New Zealand at the age of five where she started her dance training. Moving back to the UK eight years later, she continued her training, later applying to Northern School of Contemporary Dance where she gained a First Class Degree.

For the 2021/2022 season, Yasmina joined Scottish Dance Theatre through Northern School of Contemporary Dance’s Masters Post-Graduate scheme where she achieved a Distinction Degree. Yasmina later joined as a Guest Dancer performing works by Rosemary Lee, Emanuel Gat and Colette Sadler.

Yasmina has also performed works by Joan Clevillé, Botis Seva, Jose Agudo, Corey Baker and Yukiko Masui.

Yasmina joined Phoenix Dance Theatre as a Company Dancer in January 2023 and has performed works by Dane Hurst and Miguel Altunaga.

Instagram: @yasmina_patel