Yuma Sylla

Company Dancer


Half Malian, born and raised in Italy, Yuma’s first dance experience was in Florence at her local dance school, studying ballet, accomplishing RAD exams alongside practising contemporary techniques such as Cunningham and Limón. In 2016 she moved to London to continue her professional training at London Contemporary Dance School (The Place), where she was able to explore the freedom and creativity of improvisation, as well as deepening her knowledge of different cultural and historical contexts within the dance field. During her time there she was awarded the Peggy Hawkins scholarship for artistry and commitment and performed works by queer dance scene choreographers Joe Moran and Malik Nashad Sharpe. Since graduating in 2019, she has freelanced as a dancer and life model, collaborating with choreographer James Cousins and taking part LFW 2020.

Currently finishing her MA programme with VERVE in Leeds, Yuma had the opportunity to work and tour with choreographers such as Botis Seva, Matthew W. Robinson, Caroline Finn, Barnaby Booth. She is interested in exploring her multicultural identity and how that influences and informs her movement practice and performance.