Undivided Loves

Premiered February 2016

About Undivided Loves:

Undivided Loves is co-commissioned between Watford Palace Theatre and Phoenix Dance Theatre, in celebration of Phoenix Dance Theatre’s 35th Birthday and to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Speaking about Undivided Loves Kate Flatt said:

The iconic material of Shakespeare’s sonnets is mysterious, conjuring up intimate and private thoughts in poetic form, interpreted and discussed by many across the years. Many questions remain unanswered as to who were they addressed to and were they real people or not. Translating them to choreography with Phoenix dancers has been a joyful and ongoing discovery, shared with Adriano in the development of the score, Yaron on the lighting, and Brigid in the choice of sonnets. Adriano’s music with his Brazilian roots transports the literary form to a more universal territory. The cultural diversity of the remarkable Phoenix dancers has enabled fresh invention of the sonnets danced here in a contemporary, global context. Shakespeare’s sonnets for me ask to be experienced as performance, with the emotional landscapes of love, duplicity and betrayal played out in a dreamlike world. The text chosen for Undivided Loves is quoted from Sonnets 18, 128, 43, 129 and 36. The voice is of the main character, the Reader, who interacts with the imagined lovers who inhabit the dreams evoked by the poems. He senses them as both real and imagined, and ultimately celebrates being able to rediscover these words 400 years after they were written.”

Shakespeare’s timeless themes of desire, duplicity and unrequited love are brought to life in Kate Flatt’s new piece for Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Triple Bill 2016 tour. Fusing sound, words and dance, Shakespeare’s most intimate, mysterious and radical sonnets are reimagined to Adriano Adewale’s vibrant and percussive score.