Our Give 35 for 35 Years Supporters

Our Give 35 for 35 Years SupportersOur Give 35 for 35 Years SupportersOur Give 35 for 35 Years SupportersOur Give 35 for 35 Years Supporters

Thanks to all of our Give 35 for 35 Years Supporters:

Sara Neill

Bernard Atha

Mr. A. Wilson

Stan Ellwood and Paul Ashton

Mrs. M. Plowman

Penny Heaton

Ceri Brierley

Walter & Lynda Storey

Simon Kidd

Frances Tunbridge

Philip Stapleton

Sian Dudley

Pam Johnson

Jeanne Nuechterlein

Dennis Hardy

S. Michele Mooney

Tim Ellidge

Ann Wallis

Gill Greaves

Paul Goulden

Brian Daniels

Yvette Turnbull

Dave Fitzmaurice

Bernard Ross

Jane Fontana

Jo Butterworth

Lesley Jackson

Dr Patrick E. B. Belshaw

Prof. José Closs

Jane Lambert

Ceri Brierley

Todd Hannula

Vanda Priestley

Alison Helliwell

Alison Ferguson

David Solomon

Mr. Huiguang

Mrs. Shuyuan



Mr. Xiangming

Mrs. Shuzhen



The Pang Family (Wing, Karen, Venson, Vincent and Vanessa)

Mr. Adrian NG

John Munday

Sheila Kirkham

James Humbles

Donna Munroe and all those involved in the bake sale at Hovingham Primary School

The Small Charity Week Auction

The inaugural Phoenix Dance Theatre European Football Championship Sweepstake

…and the other donors, who have chosen to remain anonymous

Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Board of Trustees

….is proud to support the Give 35 for 35 Years fundraising campaign. Keith Evans (Chair) commented:

“We take seriously the sustainability of the organisation and recognise the important contribution that Phoenix Dance Theatre makes towards the cultural landscape of Leeds and West Yorkshire.”

Keith Evans

Susan Coffer

Andrew Fryer

Helen Jenkins

Simon Kamstra

Birthday Wishes from Our Supporters:

“I admire the company’s work and I want to advance it”

“It was a great pleasure to be able to support Phoenix – I’m 50 this year and I’ve been coming to see Phoenix’s performances since, I think, I was 23, and you’ve given me so much along the way.”

“My very best wishes to you all, along with much gratitude for the wonderful evenings I’ve spent in Phoenix’s company.”

“This is an exceptional company with a real focus in creating thoughtful and inspirational performance”

“The Phoenix Dance Company continues to inspire. We renovated the big Victorian school (Shine Space aka Harehills Middle School) that was its original venue”

“An amazing body of work over 35 years, providing inspiration and joy.”

“Phoenix is a great company doing great work- happy to support them”

“To all at Phoenix; wishing you the very best with your fundraising campaign!”

“What an amazing dance company, thank you for inviting me to the Triple Bill. Good luck for the next 35 years!”

“Phoenix continue to challenge and excite”

“From the past on to the future”

“Dance and art are important”

“Amazing innovative exciting important dance company”

“Many great years to come”

“Celebrating Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Amazing 35 years of Dance History”

“Phoenix Dance Theatre are a fabulous creative company and I’m delighted this donation will support their future work.”

“My wife and I wish you a Happy Birthday”

“Keep on being excellent!”

“A contribution to the funding of this wonderful company… 3 x £35 for the the trio of Undivided Loves.”


Our Give 35 for 35 Years campaign is now over. We would like to thank all those who made a generous donation to our birthday campaign, your support was invaluable and means a great deal to all of us here at Phoenix Dance Theatre.



Contact Details:

The Development Team: 0113 236 8130