Phoenix Dance Theatre at Thackray Museum of Medicine

We hope you enjoy watching Phoenix Dance Theatre perform during your visit to Thackray Museum of Medicine. Discover more about Phoenix HERE.


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Throughout the afternoon of Saturday 11 November 2023 our Company Dancers will pop up at various locations across the museum, including a very different type of theatre – a 19th century operating theatre – and on Disease Street, their grimy recreation of Victorian Leeds! They will be performing excerpts from Dane Hurst’s Requiem and an exclusive excerpt from Miguel Altunaga’s new work currently in development for the company.

Performance Times
12:00-12:05 Disease Street (Pub)
12:20-12:25  Operating Theatre
12:40-13:00 1st Floor: In Focus

14:00-14:05 Disease Street (Pub)
14:20-14:25 Operating Theatre
14:40-15:00 1st Floor: In Focus

Phoenix Dance Theatre believes that dance should be for everyone and by bringing dance to non-traditional performance spaces like the Thackray the possibilities for art and creativity are endless. Dance has the power to transform our surroundings and enrich our lives in an extraordinary way, and we hope that with performances like this we can demonstrate the power of dance to inspire by providing new opportunities for local people to engage with what we do.


Click HERE to watch the full 50 minute production filmed earlier this year at Leeds Grand Theatre.

Thackray Museum of Medicine, located in Harehills in a Grade II listed building adjacent to St James’ Hospital, tells the inspiring story of medicine. It has won the “Museum of the Year” award and recently enjoyed a multi-million-pound refurbishment, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in imaginative and exciting galleries to exploring the history of healthcare and discover the advances that have shaped the way we look after ourselves, and each other.

HEADER PHOTOS: Clockwise from top left: Thackray Museum of Medicine; Company Dancer Dorna Ashory in creation for Miguel Altunaga’s new work (Photo Miguel Altunaga); Phoenix Dance Theatre performing Requiem (Photo Richar H. Smith); Victorian operating theatre at Thackray Museum of Medicine (Photo Chapter 81).