Caroline Finn's Bloom Photo by Brian Slater





‘tantalising dance-making’

The Observer, read the full review here

‘Finn’s 30-minute Bloom is a mordantly dark and funny fantasy that’s partly reminiscent of the deviant imaginings of Lea Anderson but also unlike anything I’ve seen.’

– The Guardian, read the full review here


Bloom is by exciting new choreographer and New Adventures Choreographer Award-winner Caroline Finn whose work often presents darkly comic expressions of life and humanity using her playful, quirky and highly engaging choreographic style.

” In ‘Bloom’ I wanted to explore the ideas of Facades; the different ways that we hide behind facades (intentionally or subconsciously) in order to be the people we think we should be/want to be/or who we think society expects us to be. The title came about from the idea of a tree covered in blossom- a magnificent and beautiful layer, but ultimately an incredible fragile and temporary one which covers up what is underneath- namely the true essence and strength of the tree. In ‘Bloom’, I am creating for the audience a surreal little universe with surreal characters who emerge from a setting, telling their individual short stories depicting the facades they are hiding behind or dealing with. There is one central character in the piece- or rather, misfit! – who finds himself somewhere he simply doesn’t belong. For me, this character embodies the facades and shortcomings of the entire group in a more literal sense through his many many layers of eccentric clothing plus a mask. His journey is a separate story to the other characters’ and visually he works both as a counter point to the group, but also, for me, the thread which ties the themes of this piece together. ” Caroline Finn

Commissioned in partnership with the New Adventures Choreographer Award.

Premiered: Feb 2015