Overworlds & Underworlds Photo by Tom Arber


Overworlds & Underworlds


Overworlds & Underworlds
Overworlds & UnderworldsOverworlds & UnderworldsOverworlds & Underworlds

Over three days in May 2012 the city of Leeds became the canvas for a remarkable multi-location event curated by internationally acclaimed artist-filmmakers The Quay Brothers.

Overworlds & Underworlds was created by The Quays with composer Gavin Bryars and choreographers Gary Clarke, Douglas Thorpe, Daniel De Andrade (Northern Ballet Theatre), Rachel Krische and VDT’s Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent, who made a new work with Phoenix Dance Theatre especially for this event.

Overworlds and Underworlds included live dance performance, installations, films, sculptures, music and song. Highlights from the event can be seen on The Space.

A collaboration between Phoenix Dance Theatre and Vincent Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent, Overworlds & Underworlds was originally commissioned by Leeds Canvas for the Artists Taking the Lead 2012 Cultural Olympiad project Overworlds and Underworlds.

Underworld was created for the longest, darkest, filthiest of the Dark Arches under Leeds Railway Station and seen by over 10,000 people over a weekend in 2012, draws on the myth of Orpheus & Eurydice and is inspired by the work of acclaimed artists The Quay Brothers.

For more details visit www.www.overworldsandunderworlds.com

Premiered: May 2012