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Repetition of Change


Repetition of ChangeRepetition of ChangeRepetition of ChangeRepetition of Change

The fascinating, intricate world of DNA is placed under the microscope in Phoenix Artistic Director Sharon Watson’s Repetition of Change. Set to Forms Entangled, Shapes Collided, a specially commissioned score by renowned composer Kenneth Hesketh, this engaging piece uses volatile, impulsive and often sensual dance to unravel the complexities of our genetic code.

For performances in Leeds and London members of acclaimed contemporary music ensemble Psappha will be performing this astounding score live, whilst at all other venues the piece will be performed to a specially made recording by the ensemble.

The score for Repetition of Change, Forms Entangled, Shapes Collided by Kenneth Hesketh, was commissioned with funding from the RPS Drummond Fund for Phoenix and Psappha.

Premiered: Feb 2013