TearFall Photo by Brian Slater 09





Phoenix Artistic Director Sharon Watson followed up her audience favourites Melt (2011) and Repetition of Change (2013) with TearFall, a piece that built on her exploration of science through dance using her simultaneously mesmerising and athletic choreography style.

Supported by the Wellcome Trust, Choreographer Sharon Watson created a new piece which was inspired by the exploration of the biochemical make up of tears, and how their appearance and composition is affected by different emotional states. Working in partnership with Professor Sir John Holman from York University and dramaturg Lou Cope, TearFall looks at the differences between how tears function and how they are perceived, asking why we cry, what happens when we laugh until we cry.

An excerpt from TearFall featured in Phoenix@Home 2016 as part of the company’s 35th birthday celebrations.

Premiered: Feb 2015