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Until.With / Out.Enough


Until.With / Out.Enough
Until.With / Out.EnoughUntil.With / Out.EnoughUntil.With / Out.EnoughUntil.With / Out.Enough

As part the Triple Bill 2016 and in celebration of Phoenix Dance Theatre‘s 35th Birthday Dutch/Israeli choreographer Itzik Galili reworked his piece, Until.With / Out.Enough, which explores the concept of the enclosed space that exists within our minds.

Speaking about the creation of Until.With / Out.Enough Itzik Galili said

‘What I have made for Phoenix is an old piece that I have adapted and given a facelift, with new costumes and lighting. I created it fairly early in my career, but I don’t like to leave pieces, because as we change our pieces also change as we develop. We see this revision process in writing all the time. Essentially I am recreating it based on the abilities of the dancers, who naturally influence the work, because it is important that they own what they do. The company dancers currently look very good. Until. With/Without.Enough will be an emotional journey for the viewer, essentially abstract but with intimacy and tension. A good work should move you emotionally and intellectually and I think it works with this ballet.

Until.With/Out.Enough is a co-commission between The Royal Ballet and Phoenix Dance Theatre.

Premiered: Nov 2015