Announcing our new apprentices

9 Oct 2020

We are delighted to announce that three dancers, Reynaldo Junior Santos, Mirabel Huang-Smith and Alabama Seymour will be joining Phoenix Dance Theatre as apprentice dancers through the Postgraduate diploma at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. They will be working with us for the next 9 months.

Reynaldo Junior Santos

Made in the Philippines, Reynaldo Junior Santos recently graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and has also trained with Central School of Ballet, Ballet Black Associates, and at the London Contemporary Dance School’s CAT Programme.

Reynaldo has performed repertoire and worked with a variety of well established choreographers and artists including: Lea Anderson, Gary Clarke, Douglas Thorpe, Joseph Mercier, Amaury Lebrun, Marivi Da Silva, Ivan Perez, Nataša Živković, Phil Sanger, Sade and Kritina Alleyne, Pierre Tappon, Richard Alston, Regina Wielingen, Andrej Petrovic, and Akram Khan. In 2018 Reynaldo was also involved in the Performing Gender programme where he was involved in a research and development week led by Nataša Živković and Tanya Steinhauser. He also had the pleasure of premiering original creations ‘How To Do Stuff’ by Lea Anderson, ‘Left Unseen’ by Amaury Lebrun and ‘The Rashomon Effect’ by Akram Khan. But enjoys nothing more than a cup of fresh brewed coffee, with a salted caramel cake (any type will do) on a peaceful rainy day.

In the year ahead, Reynaldo is most excited to move again in a space filled with others who share the same passion for dance, but nothing excites him more than to be able to spread his wings and rise like a Phoenix.




Mirabel Huang-Smith

Mirabel was born in China in 1999 and brought up in London. She started chinese dancing at the age of 4, and aged 7 joined her local dance school, Whitton Centre Dance Academy, training in Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Tap. She attended Kingston College to continue her dance studies and joined Quicksilver, Rambert’s Youth Dance Company. She has recently graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance where she has performed works by Joseph Mercier, Wayne Parsons, Fernanda Prata and Matthew Slater, as well as performing repertoire by Joss Arnott and Douglas Thorpe.

She is very excited about joining Phoenix Dance Theatre as an apprentice and learning more about the professional environment, especially in the recent circumstances. She feels that becoming apart of a company in a world that is changing will be very challenging yet exhilarating. She is very optimistic about the next year.





Alabama Seymour

Alabama Monterey Seymour found her love for dance performing with Cornwall Youth Dance and Cornwall’s youth ballet company Duchy Ballet. Alongside dance Alabama also enjoys baking cakes, hanging from silks, exchanging a grand battement for a flying back kick (it’s a Taekwondo thing) and performing with her family on the Demon Drome Wall of Death. And in her spare time graduated professional dance training at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance where she worked with choreographers such as Christopher Bruce, Arielle Smith and Thick and Tight.

Alabama is super excited to work with Phoenix and dance alongside the company members, exploring new ways of moving and learning new interesting repertoire pieces.