NPO Announcement

1 Jul 2014

Phoenix Dance Theatre, has announced that it has maintained its position as an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation, with standstill funding of £428,510 per year for the period 2015-2018.

Phoenix received the news early this morning, as did all of Arts Council England’s 670 National Portfolio Organisations.

Over the last four years, Phoenix Dance Theatre’s funding from Arts Council England, has been reduced from £480,662 per year and today’s decision will create some real challenges for the company which moved into the new headquarters that it shares with Northern Ballet in 2010 .

Lesley Jackson, Executive Director of Phoenix Dance Theatre, says of the decision, “Obviously we’re relieved to remain in the portfolio especially when the story will be so different for many amazing arts organisations that didn’t make the list. At a time when some of the UK’s valuable public services are at risk through shrinking investment, it can sometimes be hard to make the case for arts funding so it is something of a good news story to see even standstill.”

“However the level of investment will create significant challenges for us coming so soon after the cuts of the last round which put Phoenix very close to tipping point. As a dance company whose sole purpose is to create and tour a diverse repertoire of high quality dance we have historically brought the talents of a wide range of high profile artists to the region including some of the biggest names in dance today. We are also proud to be the only middle scale dance company in the north of England employing a full time company of dancers. Phoenix represents incredible value for money with subsidy at less than half that of peer companies in Wales and Scotland but as our Catalyst funding comes to an end and our overheads rise by over £20,000 per year we will effectively be £85,000 per year worse off by 2015. As we are already stretched to capacity, this impact can only hit straight at the heart of our creation and touring programme.”

 “We are watching anxiously as news emerges from our partner organisations in dance and other artforms, around Yorkshire and across the UK, and extend our cautious congratulations to those whose bids were successful, and our deepest sympathies to those who have received devastating cuts this morning.”