Our response to the Office for Students Consultation on recurrent funding for 2021-22

5 May 2021

We are deeply disappointed by recent news from the Office for Students and the Government which has claimed that courses that are not amongst the government’s “strategic priorities”, specifically those covering subjects in music, dance, drama and performing arts – are to be imposed with a funding cut of 50%.

As a company, we believe that this proposal will have a detrimental effect on the future of the creative and cultural sectors in the UK. As a company that tours widely and has inspired people across the globe through dance for four decades, we believe that the arts enriches our society and communities. We know that they will have a significant part to play in the recovery from the impact of COVID-19.We should also bear to account the economic impact of the arts – the government has itself revealed that the UK’s Creative Industries contribute almost £13 million to the UK economy every hour. Rather than imposing this funding cut, we think that the government should commit to investing in the arts to ensure that arts courses are a viable, accessible option for everyone and that the industries that depend on these courses are safeguarded for the future.

We urge to sign and share this Public Campaign for the Arts petition, and to complete the Office for Students consultation before the deadline tomorrow.