Phoenix to be part of National GCSE Dance curriculum

18 Mar 2016

Phoenix Dance Theatre is thrilled to be featured in the new national AQA GCSE Dance curriculum from September 2016.

Phoenix Dance Theatre was established in 1981 and is recognised in the UK and internationally as having a unique artistic voice from its home in Leeds. Being part of this new qualification will further the company’s practise as dance-innovators and educators, who continue to advocate the value of dance as a subject to be interrogated and studied for years to come.

Shadows, choreographed by iconic British choreographer Christopher Bruce, was premiered by Phoenix in November 2014 and is now included in the GCSE Dance Anthology of professional set works. Phoenix is joined in the Anthology by five other dance companies; students must study all six works in their entirety and be prepared to describe, analyse, interpret, evaluate and reflect on them – contributing 40% of their final mark.

Approximately 12,000 students enrol on the GCSE Dance course per year in 950 GCSE centres across the country. Phoenix Dance Theatre will be offering Education Packages to these centres providing workshop programmes, training for teachers as well as opportunities to see the piece in performance in order to support the delivery of the course.

For further information about the Education Packages on offer, please contact Emily Labhart Access and Education Projects Coordinator for Phoenix Dance Theatre For further details about the course, contact the AQA Dance subject team at

Watch a selection of clips from the works in the GSCE Dance Anthology